Monday, November 19, 2012

Words of Wisdom

I borrowed this graphic from Hip Homeschool Moms. She has a great post about not stressing in your homeschooling day.

I am glad I stumbled across this, because I just seem to lack energy these days. Yesterday I did my lesson planning, but we haven't cracked a book yet. (We will, soon...)

I did have a cup of coffee instead of tea this morning, so I have been like a small, yippy dog getting work done around the house. Dinner is in the crockpot (actually TWO crockpots), kitchen and laundry room floors swept and mopped, counters cleaned, dishwasher emptied, cat litter boxes cleaned out and refilled, trash emptied, living room picked up.

I still need to start laundry and vacuum the living room. Oh, yeah, and we need to work on school work! 

Be blessed!

Friday, November 16, 2012


November has become the month to post a daily "thankful" post on Facebook. It has made my focus become less on the daily struggles, and on what God has blessed me with in my life.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in more month than money, health concerns,     
the roof which needs repair, and the state of the economy.

But, by focusing each day on something in my life which is good (and there are MANY), I can see that no matter what, God has richly blessed my life.

I have-

* an amazing, Godly husband who loves me and our girls, who works hard for us, and supports our homeschooling efforts.

* an incredible teenage daughter who loves God and shines His light to all around her

* a precocious and precious 11 year old daughter who is full of energy and joy

* a home of my own (and the bank's ;) )

* a great Mother who is still independent and feisty at 92

* a really cool sister

* amazing friends, old and new

* great neighbors who will help whenever we need them

* heat ,clean water, electricity, food

* an amazing church family

- and the list could go on, and on. So, what are YOU thankful for today?

The graphic above is actually a free printable from Connie at "Measured By The Heart".

You can print this off, place it in a picture frame, and then daily "fill in the blank" with a dry erase marker.  Brilliant!

Let's all try to be thankful - not just one day a year, but every day.

Monday, November 12, 2012


I was blessed to be chosen as one of the winners of Keri Wyatt Kent's new Book Deeply Loved. 
This book is a 40 days journey into discovering how much were are loved by Jesus. I cannot wait to receive it and give it a review on Amazon.
Please check out Kari's blog Deep Breathing for the Soul:

And her website:

And also check out her other books on Amazon:
These are just a few of her books. Can't wait to start reading!
Happy Veteran's Day!
Today I hope we will all take a moment to reflect upon what has made this country free. It is the men and women who have put their lives on the line, and in many cases, gave their lives for our freedom.
This past week has seen much strife between neighbors with differing views following a contentious election. 

However, men like my Daddy, pictured above, fought so that even those I vehemently disagree with could express their views. Unfortunately, many of those people do not believe those whose opinions differ from theirs should be allowed to speak.

My Daddy joined the Navy the day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He had several of his friends went down to the recruiters office to defend this country. He served aboard the USS Stanly in the Pacific Theater. 

And while he came home, unlike many who served, he lived with the memories of war for the rest of his life. He was indeed one of the greatest generation.

What saddens me is that what he fought for seems to be disappearing. Young people are taught a skewed history and one or two generations removed from the horrors seen in WWII. Even the tragedy of  9/11/2001 seems to have faded from most people's memories.

On this day, put aside your political bias, and take a moment to thank a vet or a serviceman or woman. They would die for you, even if they don't agree with you. Can you say the same?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Yes, I admit. Facebook and the games that come with are my escape.

I like playing the games. I have a bit of a competitive streak. When I see someone has a higher score than I do, I must pass it.

Sad isn't it?

However, today that is changing. While at the NCHE Convention, I attended a seminar about Social Media - Capturing it for Christ. The general premise was, we need to be on Facebook to attend to what our children are posting and reading. We can also spread the Gospel by using Facebook to reach others for Christ.

But one thing the speakers (Hal & Melanie Young said over and over was "Don't Play The Games". 



Who me?

Okay God, I get it. I know I use it to escape from the overwhelming inadequacy I feel in being a wife, mom and home school teacher. I know I use it to avoid tackling my house, which just sends me into a tizzy every time I look around, because I can't seem to get a handle on the stuff that people leave lying around.

So, today, I blocked ALL the games. I deleted all the game related apps. 

My feed is strangely quiet. 

And yet, I am relieved. The notices are not there attracting me to play. I will be interested to see what happens now.

So, if I was a game friend on FB, I am sorry. I still love you, but I won't be answering your requests. Everyone else - pray for me!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Unsocialized Homeschoolers

School has begun at our house. Well, sort of.

Katie has finished her 7th grade Switched on Schoolhouse program, and Amanda and I have begun working on some remedial things. Sort of.

I have this philosophical issue with school starting before Labor Day, and the official end of summer. We have done some school work since all the girls' public school friends are back in school, and thus, not around during the day. And the pool doesn't open until 4:00 PM now, so we can't go laze around the water either.

But, we will do a bit of math and language arts with Amanda. I will set up Katie's 8th grade curriculum, but will give her a couple of weeks off. And, we are starting a serious reading program.

What has me boggled is how we got into so many activities! Today Katie starts soccer practice with the local Christian school in the hopes of making their team. If she makes it, she will be at practice Monday, Wednesday & Friday with games on Saturday.

Wednesdays will be particularly challenging, since I have to be a choir practice by 6:00 and Katie's practice lasts until 5:00. I'll have to run her home for a quick shower and then back to church - did I mention practice is actually at the church?

Wednesday night programs at church start back in earnest this week. Amanda loves going to Awanas, so we definitely have a commitment for Wednesday nights.

After Labor Day, and our trip to the beach for a week, we add other activities. Amanda will be going to art class on Mondays, we have a homeschool co-op all day on Fridays, and guitar and drum lessons twice a month. (I still have to figure out how I can get Katie to soccer practice at 3:30 when Amanda's art class doesn't end until 3:30)

All of this got me to pondering how in the world anyone in their right mind could think a homeschooled child is lacking in socialization! My kids are busy, and involved with other homeschooled kids. They attend church with a mix of kids in different schooling options. They play with kids in the neighborhood who go to public or charter schools.

We don't live in a cave. We are not in a commune somewhere or homesteading away from the entire world. Seriously, how do you not have any socialization?

Maybe people mean the kind of socialization that is prevalent in schools today. Class time when they cannot talk. Quiet time at lunch. Recess which involves a planned physical activity which can be counted towards PE time instead of free play and peer interaction.

Or maybe it means exposure to what is deemed appropriate socialization in society today. Dating early, unsupervised afternoons, detached parenting, pressure to achieve and be #1 or not try at all, "family" tv viewing that is anything but family oriented.

Possibly it is the idea that our kids are socialized to be "open minded" and "tolerant" by being exposed to alternate lifestyle options or curriculum demeaning the true basis of the founding of our nation. Or being tolerant of every other view except the Christian view. (Example being the PA announcement I heard right before we started homeschooling, "Attention teachers - please remember that none of your bulletin board items can say "Easter", they must say Spring.")

Stepping on some toes here no doubt. And, I realize that many people whose kids are in public school are strongly reinforcing a Christian worldview and taking a hand in countering the politically correct agenda.

Whatever the case may be, we have chosen to homeschool our children. We have chosen to tailor our teaching and curriculum to their particular styles of learning, and their interests and talents. We have chosen to teach them with a Christian Worldview which means seeing the world through the lens of the Bible and Jesus.

And it means interacting with all types of people. All ages. All races. All religions, orientations and whatever else people choose to define themselves as. It means loving them and being Christ to all of them. THAT my friends, is socialization.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I am constantly amazed at how two kids from the same gene pool can be so totally different. Katie and Amanda are like day and night, as are most siblings.

But lately, I have been watching the cats a noticing their different personalities. It is quite interesting, and since we have a plethora of cats, quite entertaining.

First, there is Topaz. He is the full grown cat we got at the shelter, Of course the shelter told us he was a she, so it is a wonder he doesn't have an identity crisis from being called "her' for 2 years!.

Topaz is our big gentle giant. He is HUGE and was once mistaken for a beaver (no kidding). He is the first one at the food bowl, and loves to give you head butts.

Next is Peach. Peach leads a charmed life. When we met the man at the animal shelter, he had just picked up then kitten Peach. Amanda immediately  fell in love with him, and Peach's feet never touched the bottom of a shelter cage.

Peach is quiet, and sweet, and knows he has a good life. Unlike some of the other cats he had never had a yen to bolt out and open door. He knows what he has.

Tiger is the other cat who we rescued from the shelter. She is a stealthy, hunting machine. She can jump unbelievably high, and perches in the highest spot she can find. She likes to carry off socks, and play with pipe cleaners.

Tiger and Peach produced a litter of 5 kittens - 3 of which still live with us. (The other two found new loving homes). The kittens are Fluff, Wiggles and Raccoon.

Fluff is just like his name - I giant fluff ball. He is loving and is always the first in line for a handout of people food. His meow is quite annoying, especially when he is sitting outside of Katie's room crying for her to let him in!

Wiggles is not wiggly, just skittish. If you looked up the term "scaredy cat" in the encyclopedia, her picture would be there. But she has lovely golden eyes, and likes to steal drinking straws from cups.

Lastly is Raccoon. She is a mottled mix of gray and brown, and her face does look raccoonish - although in reverse. She is sneaky. Nothing more to say about her.

The cats are fun and provide great entertainment. I am glad they are all different, just like all of Gods creatures!