Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday - I want a Do Over


 I thought Mondays were the dreaded day of the week. As it happens, this particular Friday has been rotten.

I could not sleep last night, so I had to resort to an Ambien. This meant I was still sleeping peacefully at 8:45 a.m. when Amanda woke me up to tell me that a neighbor kid wanted to know if we could watch him so he didn't have to go to his sister's graduation. Long story.

Now, I had planned to run some errands and then take the girls to the homeschool skate today. This put a damper on my plans. 

I was already irritable, and sitting with my kids and the neighbor kid just made it worse. Finally, the arguing between my two girls just set me off, so I had to go upstairs and have a good cry.

I ended up running my errands. Got some fabric to make the 3 of us girls sundresses. Now I need to muster the energy to do it.

I brought all 3 kids lunch from McD's, and the decided to send Amanda and the neighbor to his house. Katie went upstairs to work on school work, so I grabbed the chance to read and take a nap. Put my ear plugs in and was out like a light.

Amanda and her friend came back. John got home from work and we all headed to the pool. As soon as we got there - it thundered. 30 minutes before we could get in the pool. It was 6:30 and the pool closes at 7:00. Do the math - no pool for us.

Amanda and her friend decide to play in the hose. The were swinging the nozzle around and the neighbor boy lost a tooth - luckily it was already loose.

Anyway, I suppose it was nothing really big, just a bunch of frustrations and inconveniences that added up.

Now it is off to bed and hope that Saturday is a smoother day.

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