Thursday, June 23, 2011

Museum Musings

Since Katie is still in Iowa, Amanda and I have been taking surprise jaunts this week. Tuesday, we went to meg-art to paint pottery, to the $1 summer movies Wednesday, and today we visited the Schiele Museum in Gastonia.

We have a membership to the Western North Carolina Nature Center, which for $65 a year is an awesome bargain. This membership has reciprocity with tons of zoos and science centers including Discovery Place, the Schiele and the Catawba Science Center.

Anyway, since we had our card our admission to the Schiele was free. They had a great exhibit right off the bat (pun intended) about caves. It was well set up and had live animals including a raccoon and bats.

What I forgot about the Schiele is the "Evolution of Man" exhibit. We look at the exhibit, even though we believe in the truth of Creation, because I want my kids to know what is being taught so they can be prepared to defend their beliefs.

As Amanda and I were going through this exhibit, another couple of Moms came walking through. One of them proclaimed, very loudly, "How can anyone not believe this! They quote the Bible, but it is a book about how to live your life!"

Being non-confrontational, I walked on, but of course I wish I could have said something. Maybe I could have pointed them to Dr. Jobe Martin's DVD series, Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution. Dr. Martin was and avid evolutionist and his story is fascinating and can be read at his website The Evolutionist of a Creationist.

If you have not watched his DVDs, they are available through NetFlix. Each video shows different animals who have traits which do not fit into the evolutionary mold. One such creature, a little beetle, is what started Dr. Martin on his journey.

In addition to the issue of creation versus evolution is the part of the Mom's comment stating that the Bible is a guide on how to live your life. It is that - but it is so much more!

How much do we miss when we pick and choose what we believe in the Bible? So we take the good parts, the easy parts and toss the rest? We take the "love your neighbor part" and throw out the creation part because it is not politically correct?

It saddens me that this Mom and the comments she made are more of what the world believes, and what many Christians believe. We have watered down our theology so that it fits what science has purported to be true.

I applaud Dr. Ken Ham- Answers in Genesis- and other Young Earth proponents for standing firm in the face of ridicule. I wish more people would be open minded and explore what they have to say and stop taking the scientist's line as gospel.

Bypassing the Evolution exhibit shortened our visit to the museum considerably. We made a couple of other stops, and then came home to make cupcakes.

Much more fun, and tasty. But I still keep thinking about the comment. Maybe it's time to pray.

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  1. Okay, I am catching up on reading these today! This is so cool! I love all the things that you got to do. I have been to that museum, but didn't get to do the plantarium (I can't spell and I was not homeschooled). I am been trying to decide it if it worth it to go just for that. Could just watch AOG videos :) and save on gas. I do think that lady represents a lot of people. they have never been told there is scientific evidence for Creation. They have been taught science and bible separately. A shame. I hate it.