Monday, June 20, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Katie is in Iowa.

She has gone on a trip with a friend of hers and the family to visit their family in Iowa.

Iowa is a long way away from North Carolina.

We, her parents and sibling are not on the trip with her to Iowa.

I am having separation anxiety. Funny, I remember reading all about this malady in regards to babies and toddlers, but never have I seen anything written with sage advice to Moms of teenagers testing the waters outside the nest.

I am surviving pretty well, despite a near melt down and panic attack on Friday night right before they left. This required medication to keep me from telling her she couldn't go 15 minutes before they were due to leave. (Just a little Melatonin to help me sleep)

Saturday was better. We texted a couple of times and she sent me a picture of the St. Louis Arch as they passed by. Technology has definately been a gift from God.

I was mulling over all of this yesterday as I sat at the neighborhood pool. I was reminded of a time when my Grandma Cunningham was telling about when my Daddy was away in the Navy during WW II. My Daddy joined the Navy the day after Pearl Harbor and served in the Pacific Theater.

Remembering the conversation made me think how I am able to talk to Katie on the phone, text her, and see pictures she has taken posted on Facebook virtually minutes after they are taken.

It is a long way from my Grandmother waiting weeks or months for a letter, never quite knowing where my Daddy was or if he was safe.  I cannot fathom the anxiety she felt over having a son at war. My own anxiety level is high, hers must have been astronomical.

I know that this is just the beginning. Katie (and Amanda as well) will take other trips, learn to drive, go off to college and eventually get married and establish her own home - away from me. This is how it should be, but I still don't have to like it!

I remember my Grandmother telling me that she used to go outside at night and look at the moon. She said she always knew that wherever Daddy was, he was looking at the same moon.

Look at the moon tonight Katie-girl. I'll be looking at it too.

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