Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Little Bit of this and a Little Bit of That

I have been struggling with many things lately. One is trying to define my identity beyond the wife/mom/teacher/maid roles. Especially the maid, which seems to be the biggest one.

I declared Saturday and Sunday days when I have some time to do things that I enjoy. Saturday has been set aside for sewing. I enjoy sewing - clothes mostly - and Amanda is still at the age where she will wear what I make for her.

I had this frog fabric in my stash, and a pattern for the dress, which I bought at Hancock for .99. So, I decided to make it for her. The doll dress I did without a pattern. I had to adjust it so it was easier to get on and off the doll, so Amanda ended up with her dress and one for each of her American Girl dolls.

I also made a dress for myself. It, is a simple shift out of some summery flamingo fabric. It is okay, but pretty much shapeless, so I guess it is a house dress for now.

Sundays have been declared scrapbooking days. I had to go out and get some new markers since mine were used and abused by two children who will remain nameless. I hate it because I loved my calligraphy markers the best, and they are all dried out. Can't afford to replace those right now.

I did manage to get a basic set of dual tip markers at A.C. Moore. They were 9.99 for 12 and I used my 50% off coupon so I scored a deal. Maybe I will pick up a couple of calligraphy markers each payday and replenish my stock.

On another note, our church, Grace Covenant Church , is having a month of service for July. It has been titled Servolution with the intention of deliberately impacting our community through acts of service during the month of July.

Service is an ongoing theme of course. We as Christians serve others because Jesus modeled service, and we want to put hands and feet to His words.

But for the month of July, there are many planned out reach programs. VBS is one. Rehabbing some Habitat Houses is another.

This past Sunday the four of us participated in making sandwiches to be given to the homeless on Monday, July 4. The goal for the 100 participants was to make 1,000 to be delivered to Urban Outreach.

We had a blast! We were at the tables making Ham & Cheese sandwiches, and we were baggers. The people at the head of the table assembled the sandwiches, and passed them to us. We bagged them individually, and passed them on the be packed.

It did not take long to make our 250 ham & cheese. (Other tables were making turkey sandwiches & peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to make the total of 1000). It was a fun and easy way to serve some one else.

Here is a picture of John & Amanda waiting for the sandwiches to come down the line.
We are also looking forward to Winning Edge VBS which starts next Monday. Amanda is attending, and Katie and I are working as volunteers. It will be our first time working VBS at Grace and it should be fun. I really like the opportunity it gives the teens to help out.

So, for now I continue on my quest to recapture part of myself. We'll see how it goes.

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